Smart eFulfillment
A Peer to Peer Cybernetic fulfilment solution
The P2P Cybernetic Fulfillment Solution is designed to address the negative economic impacts of automation by promoting decentralized ownership and community empowerment.
The impact of automation on fulfilment centers
Fulfilment centres are essential for efficient goods and services flow, especially for ecommerce.
However, the shift towards automation in this industry is increasing, which could lead to reduced wages and job security for workers. This trend could also impact employment rates, economic growth, and income distribution.
Democratizing Machine Profits
The CEIS' Cybernetic P2P Fulfillment solution introduces a groundbreaking ownership and investment model to democratize profits generated by machine productivity. By addressing concerns about income inequality and mitigating the potential negative impact of automation, this model aims to ensure that a wider range of participants can benefit from the advantages of automation and share in the prosperity it brings.
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