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Who are we?
The Cybernetic Economic Intelligence Foundation (CEIF) is a group of passionate and highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to helping low-moderate income workers overcome the challenges of technological redundancy and wage stagnation. Comprised of a growing number of experts in fields such as technology, logistics, finance, economics, and public policy, the team has a wealth of knowledge and experience that they use to develop innovative solutions to these complex issues.
At the forefront of our work is a commitment to creating equitable access to technology and the benefits it can bring. We understand that an increasing number of workers across the country face significant barriers to learning new skills and accessing opportunities to succeed among continuous technological advancement, and we are passionate about finding ways to bridge these gaps.
That’s why the CEIF commits its efforts to researching and developing new ways of including the broader public into the economic, financial, and commercial benefits of the digital age. Our goal is to establish an alternative, so that every member of the public has the opportunities they need to succeed in today's rapidly changing economy.
Our Team
Nathan Essue - Chairman
Nathan Essue
With over 15 years of diverse experience in the eCommerce industry, Nathan has developed a deep understanding of the profound impact of societies transitioning to a digital economy. He brings firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by small businesses in a global marketplace and the rapid evolution of the digital ecosystem. Through the CEIF, Nathan aims to assemble industry experts in finance, economics, logistics, and related fields to pioneer a new eCommerce paradigm that bridges the gap between automation and labor. His ultimate objective is to empower a future where the economic benefits of technology are distributed efficiently and equitably to the broader public.
Steven Dang - Chief Financial Officer
Steven Dang
Chief Financial Officer
Steven Dang has an exceptional track record of driving exponential growth and cultivating financial success at prominent venture-backed startups. He has played a pivotal role scaling organizations by successfully navigating the intricacies of the high-tech landscape. His profound understanding of finance, strategy, and operations has been instrumental in achieving remarkable results. Steven’s expertise in strategic management, commitment to economic progress, and extensive industry knowledge seamlessly align with the CEIF’s mission to shape a more inclusive commercial paradigm.
Mir Hajmiragha - Chief Technology Officer
Mir Hajmiragha
Chief Technology Officer
Mir is a senior technical executive with 30 years of technical leadership experience that spans FinTech, Crypto, eHealth, HealthCare, Hardware and Software industries. Mir has held technical, and management, leadership positions at start-ups and fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft, DocuTouch (aka DocuSign), GE Healthcare IT, Wells Fargo Nikko Investment Advisors (aka Barclay Investment), and DEC. He has patents focused on digital signature and their usage in the Blockchain environment. He is passionate about applying technology towards solving socially impactful issue in eLearning/EduTech, Healthcare, FinTech and Crypto industries. That is why he is currently focused on contributing to the CEIF service offerings in the eCommerce space. He believes that by applying the latest SOA based Blockchain, AI and other patentable proprietary technologies in the CEIF’s services, he will have a long-lasting positive impact in the eCommerce, and global crypto industry, which will increase the eCommerce efficacy globally.
Dario Martinez - Chief Economist
Dario Martinez
Chief Economist
As Chief Economist, Dario Martinez brings over 15 years of experience in quantitative modeling, economic impact assessments, and process improvement. With a strong background in government agencies such as the Ministry of Innovation and the Ministry of Economy in Argentina, Dario has played a key role in shaping meaningful economic policies. As an independent consultant, he has provided technical research and consulting services to small and medium-sized companies, particularly within bilateral chambers of commerce such as Argentina-Asia and Argentina-Catalunya. Dario is passionate about token economics and its potential impact through innovative technologies. His proficiency in leveraging quantitative analysis enables data-driven decision-making and strategic planning processes to drive our economic initiatives forward.
Brittany Black - Director of e-Commerce Operations
Brittany Black
Director of eCommerce Operations
As the Director of eCommerce Operations, Brittany Black brings her extensive experience in supply chain management and a keen eye for consumer value. With a background in corporate Operations Management within the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, Brittany possesses the expertise to navigate the complexities of supply chain management with ease. Through her consultancy work, she has been instrumental in helping companies build and scale their systems and procedures from the ground up. Brittany's extensive experience and dedication to operational excellence make her an invaluable leader in the effort to pioneer eCommerce innovation.
Said Salim - System Optimization Engineer
Said Rahal
Systems Optimization Engineer
As a system optimization engineer, Said brings mathematical modelling and optimization expertise developed through his Chemical Engineering formation grafted with close collaboration with Industrial Engineering professionals. Such experience equipped Said with a stronger understanding of mathematical optimization challenges originated from differentiated complexities within the process system engineering and operations research domains. Beyond Said’s technical competencies, he has a plethora of work experiences with diverse teams in various countries, including United States, England, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Lebanon.
Abhishek Gupta - Financial Engineering
Abhishek Gupta
Financial Engineering
Abhishek Gupta is a highly experienced financial engineer with over a decade of expertise in mathematical and quantitative research of financial products and markets. He has a proven track record of developing and implementing efficient algorithms in the financial space, resulting in enhanced investment, trading, and risk management strategies for numerous organizations. With dual masters in financial engineering and business administration from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Delhi), Abhishek brings extensive knowledge in mathematical programming, data science, algorithmic trading, and statistics. He has an unwavering dedication to add value to the public through financial technology.
James Hirschorn - Financial Engineering & Natural Language Processing
James Hirschorn
Financial Engineering & Natural Language Processing
Dr. James Hirschorn holds a PhD from the University of Toronto and has contributed to research endeavors at renowned universities across the globe. Transitioning to the realm of quantitative finance, he has successfully served in roles spanning both the buy-side and sell-side of the industry. Building on his extensive expertise in quantitative finance, machine learning, and data science, James plays a critical role in the development and sustainability of both the financial engineering and NLP frameworks of the CEIS’s novel eCommerce advisors.
Chukwura Okoli - Logistics & Supply Chain RPA Integrations
Chukwura Okoli
Logistics & Supply Chain RPA Integrations
Chukwura is a proactive supply chain professional with a strong engineering background in robotics and autonomous vehicles. His deep understanding of research and development technologies and digital supply chain solutions equips him to navigate the complex dynamics of the CEIS's supply chain mechanism. Chukwura’s ability to lead data-enabled decision processes in procurement, production, inventory control, and distribution operations is instrumental in driving operational efficiency.
Julia Essue - Director of Instructional Design
Julia Galmiche-Essue
Director of Instructional Design
Dr. Julia Galmiche-Essue holds a PhD from the University of Toronto and has over 12 years of experience developing effective and engaging learning frameworks, instructional materials, and assessment methods within non-profit and profit organizations, as well as educational institutions such University College London, City University London, CASS Business school, and the University of Toronto. Leveraging her experience in design, technology, and pedagogy, Julia plays a pivotal role in providing strategic direction and guidance in designing instructional materials and programs that align with the CEIF’s mission.
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